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Wentworth Institute of Technology

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Evaluating Reuse Opportunities for Recovered Building Materials part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Activities
In this activity, students investigate opportunities to reuse recycled building materials as a substitute for the use of virgin stone, sand and other mined materials routinely used in construction. As an example, recycled asphalt, brick and concrete, may, if properly processed, become an appropriate substitute sub-base material for crushed stone aggregate. Such a substitution may have a significant impact on a project's carbon footprint and overall environmental impact in a number of ways, which are explored and quantified in the activity. The feasibility of substitute materials from an engineering performance perspective is also investigated. Finally, perceived or actual impediments to promoting and implementing specific recycling opportunities are identified which may include regulatory acceptance, current construction means and methods, and the existence and accessibility of recycling markets.


The Built Environment: A Common Ground for Geoscience and Engineering part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Essays
John Duggan, Wentworth Institute of Technology Most of us don't put a lot of thought into the origin of the materials in a paved road, a concrete sidewalk or a brick wall, but we should. We take for granted ...

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