Lisa Phillips

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English Studies
Illinois State University

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Using Sensory Data to Map Enviromental Experiences part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Activities
In this field investigation activity students work in small teams to gather data and use different methods to record their impressions based on their sensory input. Students collaborate on method of collection, although video, audio, drawing, and GPS activities are all acceptable. Then students complete an individual rhetorical analysis and group synthesis statement based on their work. Finally, students will create a capstone project based upon their initial observations.


English 283: Rhetorical Theory and Its Applications part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Courses
This is a course on rhetorical theory and its applications for English majors. It is a core course. Students learn key concepts by engaging in critical and analytical examination of the nature and historical development of rhetorical theory and its applications to contemporary discourse. Students engage with a variety of rhetorical analyses including analysis of our shared environments. In addition to course readings and discussion, students will do field investigations in order to create sensory "maps" of different locations for a group capstone project. Student work is assessed through a series of reflexive writing and composing activities, two essay exams, and a capstone project.


Teaching Environmental Justice with Rhetorical Theory: Ecofeminist Wayfinding, Emplacement, and Agency part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Essays
Lisa L. Phillips, , Illinois State University Thus far I have experienced environmental justice pedagogy as a student more than as a teacher. As a graduate student in English Studies with a focus on rhetorical ...

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