Martin Walter

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Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Modeling: (1) Revenue Neutral Carbon Taxes; (2) Accelerated atmospheric C02 concentrations part of SISL:2012 Sustainability in Math Workshop:Activities
(1) Create a model where all "entities'' pay a (possibly international) tax for burning fossil carbon into a pool, from which all taxpayers get an annual payment more or less equally distributed. (2) Over the last 200 years, the oceans have absorbed about 50% of CO2 emissions, now the marginal rate is down to 30%–while the rate of emissions has grown from 1 tonne/year/person to greater than 1 tonne/person/year. What might be the expected increases in ppm by volume in CO2 concentrations in the near future.

Economics of installing Solar PV panels: is it worth it to the individual? part of SISL:2012 Sustainability in Math Workshop:Activities
We go through the financial calculations involved in an actual solar photovoltaic system installed (near) Denver, Colorado, in 2013.