Utteeyo Dasgupta

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Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

An Interactive Introduction to Randomized Control Trials part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:Teaching Methods:Classroom Experiments:Examples
The economics discipline is now flush with impact evaluation exercises especially in the area of Development economics. The primary tool of impact evaluation is using the RCT framework. However, the RCT procedure, and its effects are not very intuitive when introduced through standard chalk and talk methods. The Classroom RCT Game introduced here provides an interactive introduction to the technique of randomized evaluation, and demonstrates the Average Treatment Effect using student generated data from the activity. The experiment is straightforward to implement, and provides students experiential learning opportunities to the nuts and bolts of impact evaluation.

Introduction of Backward Induction Technique Using a Classroom Experiment part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:Teaching Methods:Classroom Experiments:Examples
This is a classroom activity to introduce students to the idea of backward induction. Students, in teams of two, play the Game of 21 repeatedly with progressively smaller action spaces in every repetition. As the number of available actions become sufficiently small in later repetitions, students discover the obvious winning strategy. This experience is then used to introduce the logic of backward induction and the Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium (SPNE) solution concept in Game Theory.

Other Contribution

Utteeyo Dasgupta part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:About this Project:Project Participants
Assistant Professor of Economics Wagner College utteeyodasgupta@gmail.com Phone:4842781177 Background Information I am faculty at Wagner College. I did my B.A. in economics (honors) from Delhi University, New ...