Paul Santi

Geology and Geological Engineering

Colorado School of Mines

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Geological Engineering Site Investigation part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Courses
This course is designed to teach the skills needed to investigate subsurface soil and rock for engineering projects. Students learn drilling, sampling, logging, and testing methods, and they practice using geological knowledge to optimize site investigations. The goal of the course is to provide experience by exposing students to a wide variety of data types, and to provide judgment by allowing them to practice using data to solve real world type problems. The course integrates geology and engineering and provides students with practice making decisions that rely on both fields.


It's a leucocratic gneiss. So what? part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Essays
Paul Santi, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines "Fine, it's a leucocratic gneiss. So what?" This statement captures the essence of my approach to integrating ...

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