Maryann Allen

Colby-Sawyer College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

The Digital Divide: A Data Analysis Activity Using Subtotals part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
In this Spreadsheet Across the Curriculum activity, students will use Excel to explore the digital divide within the United States. Students will be given data from the US Census as an embedded spreadsheet and asked to analyze it. They will be introduced to the subtotal tool in Excel and will use it as a data analysis tool on the US Census data. Students will also be taught about weighted averages by the use of spreadsheets in Excel. When finished, students will learn the value of Excel when calculating large data sets.

Illegal Software Installation: Tracking software piracy rates around the world part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
In this Spreadsheets across the Curriculum activity, students analyze software piracy data with Microsoft Excel using the Pivot Table tool. Students will compare the degree of piracy as measured by absolute dollars lost, and rates of piracy. In addition, students also gain experience with graphical data presentation by making a Pivot Chart.

Other Contribution

Understanding Standard Deviations: A Learning Activity Using Microsoft Excel part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:Teaching Methods:Teaching with Spreadsheets:Examples
In this activity, students will use Microsoft Excel to breakdown the formula for calculating the standard deviation of a data set by calculating the formula in a step-by-step manner. Students will also calculate the standard deviation using the built-in function in Excel. After all of the formulae are entered into the spreadsheet, some of the data values will be changed, and students will observe the resultant affect on the calculated standard deviation. Students will also construct Box Plots and observe how boxplots change as standard deviation changes.

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