Lawrence McGahey

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Web-based tutorial on VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) Theory for General Chemistry part of Pedagogy in Action:Partners:ChemEd DL:Activities
This resource is a web-based tutorial for general chemistry students about predicting 3D shapes of covalently bonded species using VSEPR theory. The resource consists of: an introductory essay that reviews the steps for assigning the geometry about a covalently bonded central atom. This essay incorporates materials from Models 360 and Chem Prime and a link to Periodic Table Live, part of the ChemEd DL (Chemical Education Digital Library). Also included are two versions of a web-delivered tutorial constructed with the freeware program HotPotatoes (ver 6) by HalfBaked Software. The completed web pages do not require the original program files, but these are included for instructors to modify. The two tutorials use the same questions about the same molecular models. The "long version" of the tutorial breaks down questions into sub-parts which provide feedback at each step before the original question is asked again. The second "short version" does not break the practice question into smaller parts; it merely provides brief feedback to the practice question. Students may go through the tutorials more than once to build mastery. Finally, a summative assessment quiz is included, but it does not provide explanatory feedback.