Ben Steele

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Colby-Sawyer College

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Introducing Endangered Birds to Ulva, NZ -- Modeling exponential and logistic growth of the yellowhead population part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
In this Spreadsheet Across the Curriculum activity, students build an Excel spreadsheet to model exponential and logistic growth of a population, in this case an endangered species introduced to a remote island. First, the students use difference equations and generate graphs showing exponential growth of the population. They experiment with changing the variables and see from the results of the simulation that the population exceeds reasonable expectations of the number of birds the island can sustain. Then the students modify the model to include a carrying capacity, and they analyze graphs of the logistic model. "What-if" questions are emphasized throughout the activity.

Predator-Prey Interactions -- Modeling the Number of Fishers and Porcupines in New Hampshire part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum activity/Introductory Ecology course. Students build and manipulate spreadsheets to model and graph populations using the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey equations.

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