Amber Kumpf

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Department of Math and Physical Sciences
Muskegon Community College

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Role playing the 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake and trial to debate responsibility for communicating and understanding risks and natural hazards part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching about Risk and Resilience:Activities
In this activity, students reenact select key events leading up to, during, and following the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake and subsequent trial. At the culmination of the activity it is revealed by a student actor (judge) that scientists and a government official have been sentenced to six years' imprisonment. The teacher then reveals that this play is based on a true and relatively recent series of events. The activity concludes with a class discussion regarding responsibility for communicating and understanding risk. Possible expansion of the activity could include hazard assessment of students' houses/cities and recommendations for communicating those risks to the public.

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2009 L'Aquila Earthquake part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching about Risk and Resilience:Real-World Examples
Amber Kumpf, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Muskegon Community College Summary L'Aquila is a city in central Italy with a population of around 68,000 people. The medieval city has a rich cultural history ...

Interview with a scientist part of SAGE 2YC:Workforce, Transfer, and Careers:Preparing Students in Two-year Colleges for Careers:Essays
Overarching goal of the activity: help students be more informed about (1) their possible career options and about (2) specific skills they can develop to best prepare themselves for the workforce.

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Preparing Students in Two-year Colleges for Careers