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part of Sustainability Workshop:Activities
This activity is designed to stimulate debate and discussion regarding the widely divergent positions held by various international actors regarding what sustainable development is and how it might be achieved.

The Role of Audience in Quantitative Writing part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
This workshop is designed to start students thinking about the role of audience in purposeful quantitative writing. They first read a quantitative article from a leading political science journal, and then summarize that article assuming one of two assigned personasthat of a senatorial staffer or that of a newspaper reporter. This summary is accompanied by a short written reflection on the exercise. In a subsequent class period the students discuss their experience in small groups.

Graphically Presenting Quantitative Relationships: Elements of Effective Posters part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Sharing research in a public forum is an important (perhaps the most important) component of doing research. Poster sessions are increasingly used in political science as a vehicle for sharing research, yet we often do not spend much time with students focusing on how best to use the poster format to communicate the message of our research. This workshop asks students to read several chapters from a text that focuses on graphical display of data, to consider poster presentations that they have seen, to think about what worked well, (or didn't work well) and why. This leads to reflection on the goals of a poster and the best way those goals can be achieved. After writing about their reflections, the class discusses the process using some examples of good and bad techniques.

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