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Introducing Introductory Psychology Students to Quantitative Analysis part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
An assignment that involves introductory psychology students in the analysis a data set on personality traits and their relationship to measures of happiness and well-being.

Writing about Numbers We Should Know part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
This opening assignment for an introductory quantitative reasoning course asks students to write about "Numbers We Should Know." Its goal is to help students begin to think quantitatively, evaluate the sources of quantitative information critically, and write using numbers precisely and thoughtfully.

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Neil Lutsky, Carleton College part of National Numeracy Network:QRurrent Events:Speaker Biographies Neil Lutsky helped develop Carleton College's FIPSE-funded Quirk (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge) initiative, an across the curriculum approach to promoting quantitative ...