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Earthquake Investigation Workshop: Shake, Rattle, & Rock part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Geodesy:Activities
This workshop is part of an NSF-funded effort to provide professional development to STEM teachers in Rhode Island. In this activity, students will make "earthquakes" using a simple model, the earthquake ...

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Earthquake Investigation Workshop: Shake, Rattle, & Rock part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Geodesy:Courses
This 2.5 day workshop investigates provides MS & HS teachers with information about plate tectonics and earthquakes. It is geared to standards and Grade Span Expectations in Rhode Island. Over the next five ...

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The Alleghanian Orogeny from Start to Finish: As Chronicled by the Narragansett Basin, Southeastern New England part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Structural Geology:2016 Structure and Tectonics Forum:Abstracts
Daniel Murray, University of Rhode Island The Avalon zone of New England consists of a collage of terranes accreted onto ancestral eastern North America during Mid-to Late Paleozoic times. In New England the ...


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