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Introduction to Global Climate Change Through Classroom Discussion part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Activities
For this classroom-based discussion, students will need to come to class having read the climate and climate change material from their textbook as well as selections from the IPCC report and other related articles assigned by the instructor. As they arrive, they will be instructed to participate in a Gallery Walk activity, in which they will brainstorm issues and thoughts in writing below a number of different headings written on the board around the room. Once everyone has had a chance to participate, classroom discussion will ensue based on their ideas. The Gallery Walk is important as it gets the students thinking and interacting with one another. Moving from topic to topic around the room enables them to think about the issues as related pieces of the same puzzle, which makes the discussion more productive.


Sustainability Education within an Earth Science Course at a Small Liberal Arts Institution part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Essays
Becca Paulsen Edwards, Department of Physics, Southwestern UniversityOne of the benefits of teaching at a liberal arts college is the diverse makeup of the students in each class. Teaching these students, who are ...

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