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Carleton College

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Peer Review of Multimedia Web Sites Authored by Student Teams part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
This activity is a peer-review exercise where students, as individuals, write templated reviews of draft web sites authored by student teams. The web sites are created over an entire term and relate to a topic chosen by the team related to abrupt climate change. This activity helps students revise their web content on the science of abrupt climate change, and their writing and use of data imagery to tell a compelling story.

The Tip-It Game class activity part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
This photo of the Tip-It game is from This activity requires students to play the game Tip-It to learn about some essential aspects about complex system behavior. Student teams make careful observations, which are then compiled through discussion into the first draft of a class list of "essential features of complex systems."


Circling Complexity: Abrupt Change in Climate & Human Networks part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Workshop 2010:Participant Essays
Trish Ferrett, Carleton College The climate system is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks! -Dr. Wally Broecker Through teaching about complex systems in a course on abrupt climate change, I have ...

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