Catherine Gautier

Geography Department

University of California-Santa Barbara

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Oil, Water and Climate part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Courses
Oil and water are two key strategic resources dominating the international scene. This class provides an overview of global distributions of oil and water resources and analyzes some of the social, economic, and geopolitical ramifications of these distributions and their connections with and evolution as a result of global warming and climate change. The complex connections between all the elements of the system energy/water/climate are emphasized in each lecture and discussed in class. The course uses my book: Oil, Water and Climate: An Introduction , 2008, C. Gautier, Cambridge U. Press.

Oil and Water (Geog 7) part of Cutting Edge:Energy:Energy Courses
Oil (energy) and water are two key strategic resources dominating the international scene and for which people have been and will continue to fight and go to war over. Energy and water play a major role in most of the main geopolitical issues of our time. As climate changes and population increases, these resources will be affected and their usage will in return affect climate. The course focuses on: energy and water resources availability, demand and usage, the two-way connection between these resources usage and Climate Change, and the solutions characteristics and possibilities and the consequent impact on energy and water policies. This class has students analyze global energy, water and climate data sets and ponder about some of the social, economic and geopolitical ramifications of these data. It brings together important ideas in geocience, technology and global policy.


Multidimensional Teaching About Climate Change: A Complexity Perspective part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Workshop 2010:Participant Essays
Catherine Gautier, UCSB I have been teaching about The Earth as complex system for almost 20 years now and over time explored various ways of teaching it. My learner-centered approach builds upon constructivist ...

Other Contribution

Understanding What Students Know about Global Climate Change: Conceptual Understanding using Concept Maps part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Assessments
This assessment is designed to assess what students know conceptually about global climate change using concept maps.

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