Tom Juster


University of South Florida

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Tale of Two Cities (and two hurricanes): New Orleans part of Cutting Edge:Environmental Geology:Activities
This is an activity that uses the spreadsheet program Excel to explore the origins of subsidence in New Orleans. There are two versions. The first is a traditional Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum (SSAC) module that couples a PowerPoint presentation with an embedded Excel spreadsheet where students construct a spreadsheet, and then submit the Excel file for grading. The second is a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet that provides automatic feedback to answers and calculates the score. Upon completion the students are given a code that encrypts their spreadsheet score and then take a follow-up quiz that probes their understanding.

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Using on-line volcano monitoring data in college and university courses: The Volcano Exploration Project, Pu`u `O`o Participants

Teaching Environmental Geology 2012