Tarin Weiss

Chemical and Physical Sciences

Westfield State University

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Surf Your Watershed: An Investigation of Discharge and Water Quality Impairments using EPA's watershed webpages part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Environmental Geology:Activities
This activity introduces students to the EPA's Surf Your Watershed website as they investigate a local waterway of their choice. The assignment guides students to analyze data about the waterway's ...

Sand Analysis Lab Activity part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Environmental Geology:Activities
An in-class introductory level activity for science and non-science majors that explores the properties of sand in order to identify depositional environments.

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Motivated by Eisner: Physical Geology assignments that connect to students' lives and everyday experiences part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2017:Program:Poster Sessions:Friday
This project draws on the philosophy of Elliot Eisner, summarized in Educational Leadership, 61(4). Primarily, the concept of education as mainly preparatory is flawed and leads to "intellectually ...


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