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Margin Morphology: Does Form Follow Function? part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom:MARGINS Mini-Lessons
Students will use GeoMapApp to investigate variations in the geomorphology of continental margins both Passive and Active at various sites of the North American and South American continents. They will then construct a table of observations that will relate margin geomorphology and seismic activity, followed by general interpretations for the causes of the variations observed. Even if students are already familiar with Plate Tectonics and know the associations among plate boundaries, seismic activity and continental margin geomorphology, they will practice developing their observation skills for comparative analyses and interpretations.


Cassandra Runyon (Planetary Geology) & Leslie Sautter (Marine Geology) part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Essays
Essays on Teacher Preparation by Workshop Participants Department of Geology School of Science and MathematicsCollege of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Introduction The College of Charleston (CofC) is a ...

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