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University of Florida

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EarthScope in the Northern Rockies part of EarthScope in the Northern Rockies Workshop
EarthScope's network of multipurpose geophysical instruments and observatories is expanding capabilities to observe the structure and ongoing deformation of the North American continent. The goal of this workshop was to formulate an integrated research and education agenda to optimize the use of the Earthscope facility in the northern Rockies, to identify the "big" scientific questions of the region, and to engage the public through a variety of education and outreach activities.

Other Contribution

Why is Earth among all terrestrial bodies in the solar system (e.g. Moon Mars Venus and meteorites) the only body to have sialic crust? part of Cutting Edge:Early Earth:Key Questions about the Early Earth
submitted by Paul Mueller, University of Florida Why is this question important? Because of the variety of issues noted in the importance section above if is clearly beyond the scope of this short essay to ...

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