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This interdisciplinary course is the first of two science content courses specifically designed for elementary education majors (K-5). It is team-taught by two science faculty from Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, and/or Biology. The course is structured similar to how the students' future elementary classrooms will be structured: all course activities that help students learn content are inquiry based and constructed with commonly available materials that they will have access to in their future classrooms. The science content is taught around the common theme of water, another material that the students' will have access to in their future classrooms. The course is assessed primarily through metacognitive reflective essays, concept maps, and larger projects. For Dr. Anderson's reflections on the course and its design, see Earth - The Water Planet: Role in the Program.

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Cathy Summa, Department of Geoscience, Winona State University 
 The Winona State University
(WSU) Geoscience program has 
wrestling with assessing our curriculum and
 effectiveness for ...

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Making Learning Explicit by Cathy Summa, Geoscience Department, Winona State University Like many of my students, I was one of those kids who coasted through high school only to be stunned by my relatively poor ...

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