Rie Somlai

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Other Contribution

Stereochemistry Podcast Video Tutorials Using Models 360 part of Pedagogy in Action:Partners:ChemEd DL:Activities
In this podcast video tutorial using Models 360, students are helped in the visualization and manipulation of three dimensional molecules, a necessary skill for mastering stereochemistry concepts. The tutorial covers topics such as determining a stereocenter (asymmetric or stereogenic carbons), determining if a molecule is chiral or achiral, determining the priorities of atoms or groups about a stereocenter, and finally assigning the configuration as R or S. Each topic lesson within the tutorial contains a podcast video and rotatable Jmols (molecular models) for student usage while following along with the podcast video. Immediately following the podcast video, students are assessed with questions that provide immediate feedback to further student learning. Each podcast video is enhanced with text, highlighting, and arrow placement to direct student attention to the areas of interest.