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Rates of Change and Deep Time in the Middle Grades Classroom part of Rates and Time:GSA Activity Posters
The nature and scientific measurement of geological and cosmological time are among the most misunderstood and difficult to teach concepts in all of K-12 science education. To address this issue, a multi-disciplinary team of geologists, astronomers and education professionals at Western Kentucky University developed a series of professional development workshops for pre- and in-service middle grades teachers. The participants clearly advanced their content understanding of geological and cosmological time and the implementation plans received clearly show a desire to apply many of the activities learned in the workshop.

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Geology at Western Kentucky University: turning Earth Enthusiasts into Engaged Earth Scientists part of Integrate:Workshops:Broadening Access to the Earth and Environmental Sciences:Essays
Fredrick Siewers, Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University Geology majors at Western Kentucky University (WKU) have a deep connection to the Earth, either through personal experience having grown up in a ...


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