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Ordeal by Check: An introductory activity about the Nature of Science part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Activities
In this science capstone laboratory class for pre-service teachers, students are introduced on the first day of class to how scientific knowledge develops, often referred to as nature of science (NOS). Students write answers independently to questions on the NOS survey, then discuss their answers in small groups, and finally share with the entire class during a brief discussion. As a group they establish NOS tenets. Small groups (about 4 students) then engage in the "Ordeal by Check" activity, which involves creating a story based on evidence and adjusting their story based on more evidence. By the end of the activity the instructor leads a class discussion about several of the NOS tenets that became evident as the activity unfolded, such as how scientific knowledge is durable but tentative (when new evidence is found), how scientific activity requires both being logical/systematic and creative/imaginative, and how science and its methods cannot answer all questions. Learn more about the course for which this activity was developed.


California State University Northridge: Liberal Studies Science Experience Capstone Course part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Courses
This laboratory course serves as a culminating science experience for Liberal Studies majors in the pre-credential and ITEP options. An interdisciplinary blend of biology, physics, chemistry, and earth and space sciences from lower division courses are integrated into the course as various topics are explored through the broad lens of earth science. Students practice observation, synthesis, analysis, evaluation of major concepts and data related to Earth's dynamic processes. Development and presentation of informal K-8 lesson plans give students experience planning instruction and designing learning experiences for elementary school students. For Dr. Nagy-Shadman's reflections on the course and its design, see Liberal Studies Science Experience Capstone: Role in the Course

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Lesson Plan Experiences in Science Content Courses part of Teacher Preparation:Workshops and Activities:Workshop 2007
Earth Science for Elementary Teachers - Including Lesson Design Group Members Heather Petcovic, Earth Science for Elementary Educators II Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, Concepts in Earth and Space Sciences Elizabeth ...