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Post-test Reflection Exercise (Wrapper) for Intermediate Spanish part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM Teagle Collegium:Activities
This activity is designed to help students think about and evaluate their preparation for tests in an intermediate Spanish language course. Students complete the first four questions on the wrapper immediately prior to receiving a graded test. Once they have reviewed the graded test they complete the remaining three questions. Wrappers help students to develop awareness of their own learning and to try new study strategies when previous strategies have proven unfruitful.

Metacognitive Self-Regulation and Comprehensive Testing in Intermediate Spanish part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM Teagle Collegium:Project Reports
For the past 2‐3 years I have experimented with comprehensive testing in Intermediate Spanish classes, based on the strong hunch that such testing promotes deep learning and leads to better retention. Research on memory recall and testing suggests that frequent testing and repeated retrieval from memory lead to better performance on tests (see Karpicke and Roediger). My goal was to see if this held true in Intermediate Spanish and to see if there might be a relationship between comprehensive testing and metacognitive self‐monitoring. Might one of comprehensive testing's benefits for learning and retention be that it stimulates reflective practices, such as self‐testing, which in turn lead students to perform better on subsequent tests?