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Reading Time Series Plots part of Cutting Edge:Online Teaching:Activities for Teaching Online
This activity provides a brief introduction to GPS and provides a student activity to practice creating and reading time series plots with simplified GPS data and with authentic GPS data from Iceland.

Explore natural hazards in seismically active regions using geodetic, earthquake, and societal data. part of Cutting Edge:Undergraduate Research:2014 Workshop:Activities
Students conduct a regional seismic hazard analysis of a region of the United States of their choosing*. Using on-line data, they bring together and investigate the interaction of multiple types of data [ground motion (measured by GPS), historical earthquake data (ANSS and IRIS catalogs) and fault data (USGS catalog)] to associate rates of deformation and earthquake activity with hazard potential. Students would develop an assessment of seismic hazard potential. This project also introduces the idea of fault loading and qualitative earthquake interaction.

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Teaching Geodesy in the 21st Century Participants: Presenter

Applying Geodesy Data Webinar - Jan. 31, 2014

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