Rebecca Boger

Earth and Environmental Sciences

CUNY Brooklyn College

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Introduction to GIS Using ArcExplorer and Brooklyn Data Sets part of Cutting Edge:Enhance Your Teaching:Urban Geology:Activities
The lessons introduce students to ArcExplorer GIS using publicly available online GIS data sets of Brooklyn, and water quality data of Prospect Park with locations taken by GPS receivers. In this way, students ...

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Rebecca Boger: Using Food Security in Introduction to Urban Sustainability at CUNY Brooklyn College part of The Wicked Problem of Global Food Security
My course is an introduction to urban sustainability that integrates materials from environmental science, sociology and economics. As a relatively new course, I have been learning about what works or doesn't work each time I teach it. From the onset, the course was designed around two-week units pertaining to sustainability topics (e.g., water, transportation, housing). A few years ago, I took a Team Based Learning (TBL) workshop. While the course structure doesn't totally fit within the TBL design, I do apply many of the elements, such as having students work in teams throughout the semester, giving quizzes at the beginning of each unit so that students do the reading and come prepared to learn more deeply about a subject, and more application activities and fewer lectures. One of the course units is food and so the food security module was a perfect fit for the course, both in content and structure. The diversity of the students reflects the international city in which they live. The topic of food is perfect for student engagement since they can relate food to their everyday experience. Many of my students have or are working in community gardens and many are poor and live in food desert neighborhoods. At the very beginning of the module, we shared our thoughts about what it means to be food insecure. I shared with them about a time in my life when my family was food insecure. I could sense that they were listening and saw that I was a person who may share experiences that they have had or are living through now. That helped set a comfortable and deep learning environment.