Jennifer Bulanda

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Productive Aging: Examining Trends in Health and Employment Status by Age part of SSDAN:Activities
In this assignment, students are asked to use Census data and data from the American Community Survey to examine employment trends by age over time. Students use the quantitative information to document older adults' employment patterns over four decades, the percentage of older adults who have no health problems limiting their ability to work, and trends in employment status for both younger and older adults. Students then prepare a written report interpreting and integrating their results and writing about them in an accessible manner. In addition, students are asked to apply the results by making recommendations to a business and to a non-profit agency. This assignment was designed for and used in an upper-level undergraduate Sociology of Aging course. It is particularly useful in a sociology of aging or a gerontology course, but could also be useful in an introductory sociology or work and occupations course. Data nicely illustrate the concepts of a tripartioned life course, the standardization of retirement, and the health of older workers. The assignment can also be used to illustrate the potential for productive aging.