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Anne Egger

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Anne Egger is an assistant professor at Central Washington University, where she has a joint appointment in Geological Sciences and Science Education. From 2004 to 2011, Anne was a lecturer and the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University. She ran the undergraduate research program in the Earth sciences at Stanford, taught introductory and field courses in geology, as well as a senior seminar, and was involved in recruiting students into the four undergraduate majors in the Earth sciences.

Teaching Modules:

Anne teaches about a debris flow onto a beach.

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Wearing a magnetometer into the desert.

Participant or Facilitator in the following SERC Workshops:

NAGT Articles:

Leech, M.L., Howell, D.G., Egger, A.E. 2004. A Guided Inquiry Approach to Learning the Geology of the U.S. Journal of Geoscience Education v. 52, p 368-373.

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