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We have compiled a collection of internet resources and activities that can be useful in teaching particular aspects of numeracy. If you know of websites you would like us to add to the collection, just use the simple submission form to tell us about them. You can also share activities of your own with other faculty interested in QR.


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Overview of Chart Types and Their Uses

This site explains what each type of chart does and when it should be used. Examples are given.

Pie Chart Uses and Example

This 1 page (.pdf) explanation tells students what goes into making a pie chart successful.

Carolyn's Unit on Graphing

Homepage for an introduction to line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, and pie charts.

Statistics Canada: Using Graphs

This site provides guidelines for making and using graphs, going into greater detail than the other sites. Statistical Graphs

A simple explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of various graph types.

Interactive Pie Chart

An interactive activity that helps students see that the parts of a pie chart must add to 100%

Create A Graph

This site lets students choose a form to display their own data in. Students are asked information that tests their knowledge about various graph making aspects (e.g. y-axis).

The Federal Pie Chart: Income Tax Use

The War Resisters' League provides a modified pie chart illustrating the proportion of income tax revenues spent on defense, critiquing the official overview of government expenditures.

Pie Chart - NLVM

This applet lets students enter in their own data. The site calculates percents and displays a pie chart.

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