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We have compiled a collection of internet resources and activities that can be useful in teaching particular aspects of numeracy. If you know of websites you would like us to add to the collection, just use the simple submission form to tell us about them. You can also share activities of your own with other faculty interested in QR.


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The Really Big Numbers Page

A page helping students think about scientific notation by listing real-world examples fitting various orders of magnitude.

Scientific Notation Worksheet

Printable worksheet with many easy scientific notation conversions. No multiplication or division problems; answers are included.

Scientific Notation Activity

Excellent Lecture with interesting data. Scientific Notation Word Problems at the bottom of site.

Erickson Scientific Notation Power Point

In addition to a PowerPoint lecture, this site offers various scientific notation practice problems.

Group Activity: Scientific Notation

This site is wordy, but it has an excellent number of problems for students to solve.

Can You Say Big Numbers?

This site is fun--it teaches students how to say really big numbers :)

Scientific Notation

This site offers a general and more complex explanation of scientific notation (pertaining to multiplication and division). The site also provides a calculator that provides questions and checks the ...

Scientific Notation Drill

Students are asked to put numbers into scientific notation in this quiz. If the student wants, he/she can also answer multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction problems. Answers are checked ...

Scientific Notation

This quiz asks students to put numbers into scientific notation. It is a bit more fun, because students can time themselves (see how many questions they can get in 1 minute).

Scientific Notation Tutorial

Activity One: Give students various numbers in standard notation. Have students arrange themselves in order from least to greatest value. Activity Two: Write a number in scientific notation on a note ...

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