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We have compiled a collection of internet resources and activities that can be useful in teaching particular aspects of numeracy. If you know of websites you would like us to add to the collection, just use the simple submission form to tell us about them. You can also share activities of your own with other faculty interested in QR.


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Learning about Rate of Change in Linear Functions Using Interactive Graphs: Constant Cost per Minute

Applet that shows linear growth of a cell phone bill. (Be sure to check out the 'Changing Cost Per Minute' applet as well!).

Linear Function and Graph

Students are shown how to "plug in values." Points are plotted on a graph, and students draw a line through the point.

Linear FunctionsActivities List

A list of activities relating to linear functions. Teaches pure math concepts, so there are no word problems.

Linear Functions - Make a Rule

A problem is given. The student must guess the equation. If the student is right, the coordinates should match up with those given.

Using Data Analysis to Review Linear Functions

Helps students understand linear functions through data collection and analysis.

Grapher App

An applet that allows students to enter up to three equations at once to be viewed on a graph.

Extra Linear Word Problems

A large selection of linear word problems, with answers included but not worked out.

Where's the Critical Literacy in y = mx + b?

A project idea that allows students to create their own word problems relating to their own interests.

Exploring Linear Data

Helps students graph linear data using a line of best fit app; includes various activities and discussion questions for the class.

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