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Discussion Groups and Activities

Below you will find the assignments for the different peer review groups along with links to the activities that each group is responsible for discussing.

Group One

Judith Moran, Mathematics/QL, Trinity College
Alexander Nunes, Development of technical education materials, EMC Corporation
William Thomas, Colby-Sawyer College Understanding Titrations using Microsoft Excel
David Gray, Mathematics, New England College - Descriptive Statistics Project

Group Two

Bernard Madison, Mathematics, University of Arkansas - Economic argument about increasing fuel efficiency
Caren Diefenderfer, Mathematics, Hollins University - Two Views of a Tax Cut
Joseph Carroll, Colby-Sawyer College - Calculating Divorce Rates
Don Small, Mathematics, West Point

Group Three

Neil Lutsky, Carleton College - Introducing Introductory Psychology Students to Quantitative Analysis
Lynn Garrioch, Psychology, Colby-Sawyer College - Becoming a Psychology Scholar
Charlotte Gregory, Trinity College - Statistical Graphs: Aids Cases and Deaths by Year and Historical Poverty in the US
Paola Giacch, Statistics, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, Rome - How to Teach to be Statistically Literate

Group Four

Nathan Grawe, Carleton College - Data Rich Economic Policy Brief
Shari Goldberg, Nursing, Colby-Sawyer College - What makes your community distinctive?
Don Read, Computer Applications and Programming, Bronx Community College Speculation about statistical distribution of seabird carcasses
Kay Yeagley, Computer Technology, Newport Middle High School - Rainfall and Elevation: A Charting and Critical Thinking Exercise

Group Five

Semra Kilic-Bahi, Mathematics, Colby-Sawyer College - Two Decision Making Methods: Rating and Cut-off Method
Andrew Cahoon, Physics, Colby-Sawyer College - Luck or Randomness in Sports?
Len Vacher, Geology, University of South Florida Writing About Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum

Group Six

Corrine Taylor, Wellesley College - Understanding Exponential Growth in the Context of Population Models, Final Quantitative Reasoning Project: Planning a Sesquicentennial Celebration
Paula Lackey, Academic Computing Coordinator, Carleton College ITS
Reed Fisher, Business and Economics, Johnson State College
Mya Poe, Writing Program, MIT - Storyboarding with Data: Using Quantitative Reading Skills to Teach Scientific Writing

Group Seven

Glenn Sproul, Mathematics, Johnson State College - Finding the best water line: the least squares method in action
Stuart Boersma, Mathematics, Central Washington University - Accuracy and Apparent Accuracy in Medical Testing
Matthew Isom, Mathematics, Arizona State University

Group Eight

Eric Gaze, Mathematics and Education, Alfred University - Age Dependency Ratios: Numbers in Context
Nick Baer, Biology/Ecolgy, Colby-Sawyer College - The Science of Sugaring
Caren Baldwin-DiMeo, Writing Lab Coordinator, Colby-Sawyer College - Class in America
Heather Tompkins, Library/Humanities, Carleton College