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CUNY awarded $600K NSF grant for QR Alliance

published Oct 4, 2011 2:03pm
A three-year NSF-funded project entitled "Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education (NICHE): A Project of the City University of New York (CUNY) Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Alliance" has been awarded ($600,000) to Esther I. Wilder (PI, Department of Sociology, Lehman College, CUNY), Dene Hurley (co-PI, Department of Economics and Business, Lehman College, CUNY) and Frank Wang (co-PI, Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY). NICHE will foster the infusion of quantitative reasoning instruction and assessment into undergraduate courses in a broad range of disciplines and lead to the development of an online course that will be housed at the Science Education Research Center (SERC). NICHE will be developed and taught by the CUNY QR Alliance, an interdisciplinary group of experienced STEM faculty from throughout the CUNY system who are leaders in the development and application of techniques for progressive QR instruction and assessment.