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What an exciting time to be involved in improving education in quantitative literacy! Never before has the need been greater or the resources better.

More and more colleges and universities are creating formal quantitative reasoning programs. Secondary schools teachers are working to incorporate more real world, applied mathematics and statistics in their curricula. Adult education programs are including increasing numbers of quantitative workshops, lectures, and series. These efforts are in response to an understanding that strong quantitative skills are essential for school, work, and decision-making in everyday life.

The NNN has made great strides since its start in 2000, bringing together dedicated scholars, teachers, and workers from a wide array of quantitative disciplines. These individuals have thought hard about the scope of quantitative literacy, about ways to educate for QL at all levels, and about how to support this education with high quality resources. In 2008, the NNN launched its journal "Numeracy" and expanded its Web site with the support of SERC, making resources on QL more readily available.

More work is needed, though. For the NNN to attain its goal of creating "a society in which all citizens possess the power and habit of mind to search out quantitative information, critique it, reflect upon it, and apply it in their public, personal and professional lives" we need to expand our network. We need teachers, college professors, government analysts, leaders in industry, workers in quantitative fields, and other concerned individuals to help us create new and better ways to improve education in quantitative literacy. Won't you join our efforts?

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