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Shedding QR on Light

Nathan Grawe
published May 15, 2014
Stuck on a plane, I found some interesting light reading in this month'sDelta Sky magazine. An article by Nancy Gohring entitled, "The Future of Intelligent Lighting" describes how new streetlights might be made "smarter" to improve city services while reducing costs. (The article also notes the ACLU's concerns about how these lights will be used–a fair point.) What caught my eye was a nice bit of "peripheral QR"–the use of quantitative evidence to enrich description. Specifically, I learned that the new LED lights will use about 15% as much electricity and last almost 20 times as long. The savings are made potentially large by the scope of the North American streetlight system which employs 1 billion lamps currently. (That's a great Fermi problem for those looking to give their students a little experience forming estimates!) Enlightening!

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