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Dating Advice

Nathan Grawe
published Nov 3, 2013

If you're reading this blog, then I probably don't need to tell you: When you seek a marriage partner be sure to check on your potential mate's QR skill!

Over the weekend my wife took my infant son to urgent care. He was fine, but he was "prescribed" acetaminophen. The paperwork from the clinic told us to give "1.65 ml" every so many hours. The problem was that this set of instructions didn't come with any particular bottle of medicine. Apparently we were just to use whatever we got over the counter. Now, I appreciate that they didn't sell us $5 of generic medicine for $50. But the risks here should be obvious to a medical professional: If you don't specify a concentration, then how in the world do you know whether 1.65 ml is too little or too much?!

Thankfully, I married well (in QR and in so many other ways!). My wife carefully checked the bottle of medicine we had against dosages (which are presented in mg per kg of baby). Sure enough, the 1.65 ml prescription would have been an overdose given that we have a more concentrated medicine than the doctor was thinking of. (Our babies have never liked the stuff and so we get the higher concentration to minimize the fight.)

Here's to a world filled with numerate citizens so that you can marry based on love rather than the Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning Assessment!

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Yes you are absolutely right when you have someone in your life who possess good knowledge and understanding level it influences the whole situation by converting into some thing positive and fruitful. That's the way relationship should be but it doesn't happen that way in most cases.


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