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Advertise Your QR

Nathan Grawe
published Jan 15, 2014

Over the weekend I saw an effective example of QR in advertising: H&R Block's Get Your Billion Back, America campaign. The premise of the campaign is hardly new: American's fail to claim all of the tax refunds available to them by about $1B each year. What was new (to me, at least) was H&R Block's attempt to make that number meaningful:

"That's $500 on every single seat–not just in this stadium, but in every professional football stadium in America [with visual of an NFL stadium]."

We can certainly discuss whether this is the 'right' way to think about this problem:

But, all of that stated, I think it is great to see advertisers who are QR-literate and use "compared to what" to make their pitches as clear as possible.

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