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This page provides a collection of general resources including websites, PowerPoint presentations, teaching activities, data sets, and other useful materials for creating or enhancing courses related to microbiology and extreme environments. These materials can be used to support lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and class projects and activities. By narrowing the view, you may define and refine your search according to topics of your special interest.


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New research challenges prevailing theory of microbial diversity part of SERC Web Resource Collection

In this web article, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley sampled the microbe Sulfolobus islandicus from acidic hot springs across the world to study microbe diversity. The article ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Evolution, Evolution:Principles, Biology:Diversity, Microbiology, Ecology:Metabolism, Biology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work
Extreme Environments: Extremely Hot, Acidic
Grade Level: General Public

Yellowstone Microbes Tapped to Settle Species Question part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Subject: Biology: Biology:Evolution, Diversity, Microbiology, Biology, :Ecology:Metabolism
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work
Extreme Environments: Extremely Hot
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), General Public, High School (9-12)

Extremophiles part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This article introduces the reader to the diversity and significance of extremophiles. Descriptions are provided of the habitat and ecology of thermophiles, psychrophiles (cold lovers), acidophiles, ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Evolution:Patterns, Biology:Ecology:Habitats:Marine, Biology:Microbiology, Ecology:Metabolism, Biology:Microbiology:Methods of Microbiology , Geoscience:Geology:Geochemistry:Acid/Base Reactions, Biology:Microbiology:Methods of Microbiology :Molecular Methods
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Research Results, Overview/Reference Work
Extreme Environments: Extremely Cold, Hypersaline, Acidic, Extremely Hot, Alkaline
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Lower (13-14), College Upper (15-16), High School (9-12)

Digging Up the Dirt on Soil Microbes part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This hands-on exercise introduces students, grades K-8, to the idea of soil as a habitat for many different organisms, links between the biological adaptation of an organism and the physical demands ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Evolution:Principles, Biology:Ecology:Metabolism, Symbiotic Relations:Mutualism, Biology:Evolution:Patterns, Biology:Diversity, Microbiology:Methods of Microbiology :Microscopy, Field Methods , Biology:Microbiology, Biology, :Evolution
Resource Type: Activities:Lab Activity, Field Activity:Importation of field observations into the classroom
Grade Level: Middle (6-8), Primary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5)

Microbiology part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is an undergraduate General Microbiology course offered as part of the Red Layer Microbial Observatory (RLMO) Project's Original Waksman/NSF Supported Courses and Workshops. The course is a ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Diversity, Microbiology, Evolution:Bioinformatics, Biology:Molecular Biology
Resource Type: Course Information, :Goals/Syllabi
Grade Level: College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)

Bioinformatics part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This project is a series of interrelated modules designed to introduce the student to modern biological techniques in the area of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the application of computer ...
Subject: Biology: Biology, :Microbiology, Evolution:Bioinformatics
Resource Type: Computer Applications, Activities:Classroom Activity
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Upper (15-16), High School (9-12), College Lower (13-14)

Eukaryotes part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This page provides an overview of classification and evolution of eukaryotes. Topics include the defining characteristics of eukaryotic cells, the role of endosymbiosis in cellular evolution, and the ...
Subject: Biology: Biology, :Evolution:Processes, Biology:Microbiology, Evolution:Patterns, Biology:Evolution
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Bibliography, Overview/Summary, Pedagogic Resources
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Upper (15-16), General Public, College Lower (13-14), High School (9-12)

The Endosymbiotic Theory part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This page contains class notes and follow-up questions about the endosymbiotic theory of eukaryotic origins. The notes cover three main topics - characteristics of prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Evolution:Processes, Biology:Microbiology, Biology, :Evolution:Patterns, Biology:Evolution, Ecology:Symbiotic Relations, Metabolism
Resource Type: Course Information:Course Site:Course Notes, Course Information, :Course Site
Grade Level: College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)

Activity 1: Evolution and Antibiotic Resistance part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This page contains three student activities for learning about evolution of antibiotic resistance. The first activity involves two videos (freely available on the website), follow-up questions, and ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Microbiology:Microbiology and Health, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Evolution, Biology, :Microbiology, Environmental Science:Ecosystems, Biology:Evolution, Evolution:Processes, Principles
Resource Type: Assessments:Oral Presentation, Course Information, Audio/Visual:Animations/Video, Assessments, Course Information:Goals/Syllabi, Audio/Visual, Activities:Writing Assignment, Classroom Activity, Activities, :Project, Field Activity
Grade Level: High School (9-12), Middle (6-8)

Systematics of the Bacteria part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is an entry page for exploration of bacterial systematics. The primary feature of the page is a cladogram of bacterial lineages with links to information pages for each lineage. There is also a ...
Subject: Biology: Biology:Microbiology, Biology, :Evolution:Patterns, Biology:Evolution, Diversity
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection, Scientific Resources, :Overview/Reference Work
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), High School (9-12)