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Microbial Life in Extreme Environments

This page provides a collection of general resources including websites, PowerPoint presentations, teaching activities, data sets, and other useful materials for creating or enhancing courses related to microbiology and extreme environments. These materials can be used to support lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and class projects and activities. By narrowing the view, you may define and refine your search according to topics of your special interest.


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From Genes to Genomes: Beyond Biodiversity in Spain's Rio Tinto part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This journal article reports the unexpectedly high eukaryotic phylogenetic diversity in Spain's Rio Tinto. Microbes of the Rio Tinto must be both acidophilic and tolerant of heavy metals to survive. ...

Microbial Ecology of an Extreme Acidic Environment, the Tinto River part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This journal article analyzes the microbial ecology of the Rio Tinto, an extreme environment with a rather constant acidic pH and high concentration of heavy metals. Molecular ecology techniques are ...

Geobiology of a microbial endolithic community in the Yellowstone geothermal environment part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This Letters to Nature scholarly article presents findings from a study done at Yellowstone's Norris Geyser Basin, the purpose of which was to characterize the endolithic microbial community in the ...

The X-philes: microorganisms at the extremes part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This personal website of Richard Johnson, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Rhodes University , gives a detailed overview of the field of extremophile research. Topics covered include ...

Microbiology of acidic, geothermal springs of Montserrat: environmental rDNA analysis. part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This scientific paper describes the microbial diversity found in water and sediment samples taken from acidic, geothermal pools on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Sampling sites included low-, ...

Picrophilus gen. nov., fam. nov.: a novel aerobic, heterotrophic, thermoacidophilic genus and family comprising archaea capable of growth around pH 0. part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This scientific paper reports the discovery of two novel species of a genus of thermophilic, heterotrophic, aerobic archaea that grow under extremely acidic conditions. These species were isolated ...

Extremophiles: Microbial Life in Extreme Environments part of SERC Print Resource Collection
This book provides a detailed overview of extremophiles, life-forms that thrive under some of the harshest conditions found on Earth. Over the course of 11 contributed chapters, 26 experts from ...

Hardy Microbe Thrives at pH 0 part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This article reports that a team of geomicrobiologists has detected a new microbe, called Ferroplasma acidarmanus, surviving in some of the most acidic waters on Earth - a seemingly impossible pH ...