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Mini Lesson Sequences

East African Rift

Rupturing Continental Lithosphere Lessons

Explore the geologic processes that control continental rifting and its progression to lithospheric rupture. Findings from the Gulf of California-Salton Trough region address boundary conditions (pre-existing weaknesses, upper mantle structure, relative plate motion) and describe the processes and factors that control rifting and lithospheric rupture, including the roles of extensional style, magmatism, rift obliquity, and sedimentation.

Bathymetry of Rifted Margin »Extension »Sedimentation »Obliquity »

Thrust fault and fold

Seismogenic Zone Experiment Lessons

Subduction zone tectonics are examined through case studies, slip mechanics, and exploring data sets.

Accretionary vs. Erosive »Fault Slip »Slow Slip Megathrust »Tohoku »

Mississippi delta

Source to Sink Lessons

A guided exploration for students to work with data to understand sediment flux and dispersal on continental margins through a variety of data sets and online tools.

Fluvial Sediment Flux »Sediment Distribution » ENSO »Carbon Burial »


Subduction Factory Lessons

Designed to ...

Metamorphism »Slab Temperatures »Arc Volcanoes »Morphology »