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Bathymetry of a Rifted Margin

Becky Dorsey, Jack Loveless, Melissa Lamb, Andrew Goodliffe, Scott Bennett


Investigate the morphology of rifted margins to examine the roles of structural evolution, sedimentation, and physical and chemical evolution of the crust in the rifting process. This lesson can act as an introduction to more detailed examinations of the roles of extension, sedimentation, and obliquity in rifted margins.

RCL Sequence

*Bathymetry of Rifted Margin*
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Context for use

Upper-division course in Structural Geology, Plate Tectonics, or Regional Tectonics

Goals (which of these goals attain to the bathymetry intro??)

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MARGINS data type or tool

Seismic »GeoMapApp »

Delivery will be primarily through lab exercises and short lecture segments. Lecture segment will be interspersed the key questions that will be used to assess student understanding of key material. Short and long answer questions, which are linked to the learning outcomes, will be used to assess student learning. Rubrics will be designed for each step. The 2 week segment will culminate in a comprehensive exam comprising short and long answer questions

Teaching materials

Introductory Lecture (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 2.5MB Sep11 15)(15 minutes): A brief introduction to the NSF-MARGINS Rupturing Continental Lithosphere research initiative and the processes and factors that control rifting and lithospheric rupture.

(a) Bathymetry of Rifted Margins Lab (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 19.8MB Jul21 15) (3 hours)