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Subject: Environmental Science

Grade Level: College Lower (13-14)

Resource Type: Activities

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    Climate Education in an Age of Media

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Public Service Announcement (PSA) About Climate Change (Higher Ed) part of Climate Education in an Age of Media:Use Student Media Production:Activities
Producing a PSA is an ideal culminating project for an interdisciplinary course on climate change and related topics. The PSA assignment requires high-level synthesis of content and, through it, students learn first-hand about the challenges of communicating about climate change to a general audience in a compelling way. The assignment offers the opportunity for students to engage with the material, consider what they want society to understand or do, use creativity and twenty-first century technology and communication tools, and become empowered to enter societal discourse about climate change.

Video Mash-Up part of Climate Education in an Age of Media:Use Student Media Production:Activities
Video mash-up projects are readily incorporated into science courses. They are information-dense, require little or no in-class time group work, do not require a production phase, and provide an effective jigsaw mechanism for students to learn from each other.