American Geophysical Union

62,000 members
Education staff lead: Pranoti Asher,

The purpose of the American Geophysical Union is to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity.To achieve this mission, AGU identified the following core values and behaviors.

Core Principles

As an organization, AGU holds a set of guiding core values:

When we are at our best as an organization, we embody these values in our behavior as follows:

Talent Pool

The American Geophysical Union is a diverse and inclusive organization that uses its position to build the global talent pool in Earth and space science.
  1. Increase our understanding of the real barriers to gender and ethnic diversity and involvement within AGU and within Earth and space science.
  2. Enhance engagement and involvement in AGU of students and early career scientists.
  3. Identify career alternatives within Earth and space science and subsequent career paths available.
  4. Enhance mutual support and networking opportunities for students and early career scientists.
  5. Increase participation of underrepresented populations.

We run a variety of events for students and faculty at our annual Fall meeting. These include an undergraduate poster session and numerous faculty development workshops (e.g.

We also have a Two-Year College initiative entitled Unique Research Experiences for two-year College faculty and Students (URECAS;

Premier Contribution to Faculty Development

Faculty Development Workshops at the AGU Fall Meeting

Through our work with a variety of partners, we are offer a very full schedule of education-and outreach-related workshops at our Fall Meeting. 2013 topics included Getting Started in Undergraduate Research, Navigating the NSF System, Getting on the Tenure Track and Succeeding, Social Media Strategies for Engagement and Community Building, Instructional Approaches for Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities in the Geoscience, and Preparing for Global Change. The workshops are open to everyone, and are especially useful for graduate students and early career faculty. We collect evaluation data on all of our workshops. In 2012, all workshops scored an average of 4.0 or greater on a 5 point scale for Presentation Quality, Activity Quality, Information Usefulness, Activity Usefulness, Interest Before, and Interest After.

Additional Undergraduate Education Activities of AGU

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