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Coral Bleaching: Making Our Oceans Whiter part of Role Playing:Examples
This lesson plan deals with coral reefs and the recent crisis of coral bleaching. It suggests that students engage in a role-playing debate about modifying human activity to protect reefs. -

Rivers: Short In-class Activity part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
Images of the James River in Virginia, including one at flood stage, and of potholes, all of which can be used to have the students make observations, estimates, and interpretations. -

Describe and Interpret Images: Folded Strata part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
In class, have students make a simple sketch of an outcrop shown in a slide (or computer projection) then discuss possible interpretations. -

Human Impacts on Sharks: Developing an Essay Through Peer-Review on a Discussion Board part of Peer Review:Examples
Through a discussion board, students comment and respond to paper topics on the human impacts on sharks. -

Viewpoint on Causes of Global Warming - An Assignment Using Anonymous Electronic Peer Review With a Dropbox part of Peer Review:Examples
This is an anonymous electronic peer review exercise that utilizes a dropbox, where students detail and support their viewpoint on nonhuman-induced global warming. -

Reducing Volcanic Hazards to People and Property - An Assignment with Electronic Peer Review part of Peer Review:Examples
This electronic peer review exercise has students discuss the major volcanic hazards and risks to humans. -

Using Field Labs part of Field Labs
Written by Mary Savina of Carleton College Students love field labs! They enjoy being outside and they appreciate the fact that geoscience field labs are unusually tactile and bring them into contact with real, ...

Post-Settlement Erosion and Deposition part of Field Labs:Field Lab Examples
Use valley and slope deposits to reconstruct recent landscape erosion and sedimentation history. -

Studying Aquifers in Outcrop part of Field Labs:Field Lab Examples
Students describe the hydrogeologic properties of different sedimentary and volcanic rocks. -

Groundwater Pump Test part of Field Labs:Field Lab Examples
Students run a pump test and interpret the results as drawdown curves and hydraulic conductivity measurements. -