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Campus Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory part of Campus Living Laboratory:Examples
Students conduct a greenhouse gas emission inventory for their college or university. Students analyze findings and present information to the college or university community. -

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Campus Nitrogen Budget part of Campus-Based Learning:Examples
Link the college or university operations with local ecology. In this study, students use a tool from urban ecology, the nitrogen budget, to research the inputs, outputs and subsytem transfers of nitrogen on the ...

Investigating the Modernity of the University Library part of Campus-Based Learning:Examples
Students will investigate the modernity of the university library by designing and implementing a complex survey design. -

Biodiversity Count part of Campus-Based Learning:Examples
In this class exercise, students count the number of species they can find in a five minute block of time in both an urban lawn and natural, remnant forest area. The students are introduced to the concept of low ...

Environmental Assessment Course part of Campus-Based Learning:Examples
The classic campus-based project is an environmental or sustainability assessment, often referred to as an environmental audit. This course, taught at Carleton in 2001, describes how this type of project can be ...

Design and Construction of an Eco-House part of Campus-Based Learning:Examples
Students in this course explore designs of a future Carleton College student house. This is a multi-year project where students from the social sciences, humanities / arts, and natural sciences explore parts of the ...

Campus Living Laboratory part of Campus Living Laboratory
Campus-based learning uses the campus buildings and grounds as teaching tools. Campus-based projects can provide hands-on, real-world projects that link to service-learning and civic engagement programs.

Sarita Wetland Restoration part of Campus Living Laboratory:Examples
The Sarita Wetland restoration on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus is used as teaching tools by numerous classes. Students, staff and faculty have collaborated on the planning and implementation of ...

Campus-Based Learning References part of Campus Living Laboratory
References Astin, Alexander W., Lori J. Vogelgesang, Elaine K. Ikeda, and Jennfier A. Yee., 2000, How Service-Learning Affects Students, Los Angeles, ULCA Higher Education Research Institute. Barlett, Peggy F. and ...

Examples of Campus-based Learning part of Campus Living Laboratory
HelpRefine the Results Atmosphere 2 matches Biosphere 6 matches Climate 1 match Earth's Cycles 2 matches rock cycle, hydrologic cycle, carbon cycle and nitrogen cycleHuman Dimensions 3 matches Hydrology 2 matches ...

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