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Assessment part of Assessment
This module outlines a variety of techniques for assessing student learning. It includes strategies for integrating assessment into different learning settings and at different points in the learning process.

Assessing Field-based Activities part of Assessment
Field-based activities are rich venues for building student's conceptual knowledge and learning the skills that geoscientists use in gathering ground-truth data. Real world experiences in the field show ...

A Short Glossary of Assessment Terms part of Assessment
Affective Domain Outcomes of education involving feelings more than understanding; likes, pleasures ideals and/or values. Assessment The Latin root assidere means to sit beside. In an educational context, the ...

Web-based Assessment Resources part of Assessment
The Attitude Survey is a comprehensive guide to surveys that provides valuable information on student perceptions of their classroom experience. This includes general attitudes toward the course, the discipline, ...

Assessing Project-based Learning part of Assessment
"Student projects are culminating experiences, activities designed to bring together a number of strands in a unit. As culminating activities, projects often consist of higher-order objectives, which are ...

Assessing Laboratory Activities part of Assessment
Laboratory settings can provide students with the opportunity to apply their content understandings in new situations and apply the skills that geoscientists use when working with Earth materials, images and data ...

Hallmarks of Effective Assessment part of Assessment
The Analogy Between Maps and Assessment If you have ever taken a road trip, you recognize the utility of maps. We can hardly expect to get to our destination without knowing where we started from. Maps allow us ...

How Learning and Assessment are Linked part of Assessment
Learning Objectives and Assessment Mini Case Study In order to reach a course goal that states, "students will understand the relationship between local and regional folding in the Appalachian Orogenic ...

Assessing Learning in Web-enhanced/Online Courses part of Assessment
"I just couldn't imagine how much I learned in this on-line course until I looked at my weekly journal entries and saw what I had written. I seemed so confused at first. I see how much I've really ...

How to Use Assessment Strategies part of Assessment
Assessment need not take time away from learning; assessments can be learning experiences in themselves. Active assessment strategies enhance student content understanding and promote skills that will be ...

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