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Petrology in the Field and Laboratory part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
In this multi-week project, students collect samples in the field, analyze them using various tools and instruments, then present their results and interpretations.

Natural Disaster Risk at Home part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
Students analyze the natural disaster threat and potential mitigation techniques of their (family) home.

Analyzing beach sands with a SEM/EDS part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
Students pose a question that can be answered using the SEM and sand they have previously collected from beach profiles.

Undergraduate Research part of Undergraduate Research
Module established by Linda Reinen, Pomona College Written and developed by Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore, Randolph College Assistance provided by George Alter, Mary Borg, Steve DeLoach, Steve Greenlaw, KimMarie ...

The Effects of Condemned/Restored Homes on Surrounding Property Values: A Student/Faculty Collaborative Research and Service Learning Experience part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
In this undergraduate research and service learning project, students and faculty collaborate on a study of the effects of condemned/restored homes in their college town on surrounding property values. While this example describes an experience in a small, upper-level elective course, it includes suggestions for modifications of design and learning goals for other learning levels and environments.

Watershed Analysis part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
Students conduct a regional watershed analysis of an area of their choosing. Using on-line data and their personal knowledge of the area, they determine the annual hydrologic budget and teach the class about "their" watershed.

Impact Craters and Water on Mars part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
Students explore for water on Mars using impact crater morphology. During this lab, students: learn to use the equation writing and graphing capabilities in Microsoft Excel, thendevelop and apply an impact crater depth-diameter relationship in an effort to constrain the depth to a possible water-rich layer beneath one or more portions of the surface of Mars!

Replicating Results of Famous Empirical Papers part of Undergraduate Research:Examples

Family Economy of 19th-Century Industrial Workers part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
This activity teaches students how to formulate research questions and perform empirical analysis. Students analyse family budgets from late 19th-century industrial workers.

The Effect of Race and Ethnicity on High School Graduation Rates in Florida part of Undergraduate Research:Examples
In this individual research project, a senior thesis student conducts a regression analysis that investigates the effects of race, ethnicity, and poverty on high school graduation rates in Florida. The data are easily obtainable from the Florida Department of Education. The project can be modified to be a group research project in a Research Methods Class or a Special Topics Upper Level Economics class.

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