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Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience
This site is designed to help faculty and graduate students learn about instructional methods for teaching undergraduate entry-level geoscience, environmental science, or related courses.

Contribute an Example
This form is provided to help the contributor create an example. It provides a mechanism for the contributor to submit materials and text into the example database. However, it does not support editing or the full ...

Please Provide Feedback
Starting Point is designed to help faculty be more effective in teaching entry-level geoscience. Please help us understand how you use the website and how it impacts your teaching. We will use this information to ...

Introduction to Environmental Geology Writing Assignment
Summary Students in an introductory environmental geology class research the Dust Bowl, analyze information and data and develop a written argument. Learning Goals The goal of the assignment is to develop and ...

Browse Courses
Descriptions of introductory geoscience courses collected as part of several projects. HelpRefine the Results 15 matches General/OtherAstronomy 1 match Earth Science 31 matches Earth System Science 28 matches ...

Explore Teaching Examples
HelpNo matchesNew Search From the main search screen you can browse through the collection using the terms on the right of the screen. Help with Searching This search tool not working as you like/expected? Let us ...

Topics and Themes
Teaching Methods Campus-Based Learning uses the campus environment itself as a teaching tool. ConcepTests are conceptual multiple-choice questions that focus on one key concept of an instructor's learning ...

We want to know what you think! Your feedback plays an important role in how this site evolves and improves. Whether it's a general comment about the site, or a specific suggestion about one of our geoscience ...

Contribute an Example
Starting Point is seeking to have faculty from across the geosciences contribute to the work of making high quality activities and resources available for geoscience educators to use. We invite you to contribute ...

Basic Research-on-Learning Articles for College Faculty
Interactive-engagement vs. traditional methods: A six-thousand-student survey of mechanics test data for introductory physics courses. Hake, 1998 The complete report from Richard Hake's long-term study of ...

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