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Making Paints from Minerals part of Teaching Urban Students:Examples
Students prepare simple gouache paints using common minerals that are typically of sedimentary origin (e.g., hematite, limonite, kaolinite, glauconite), and use these paints to produce artifacts that are ...

Air Particulate Analysis part of Teaching Urban Students:Examples
This half-term-long activity models authentic urban environmental research. Through analysis of particulates filtered from air samples from student-selected neighborhoods/settings around the city, students are ...

Global Warming: Here and Now, Then and There part of Teaching Urban Students:Examples
Students recount the character and effects of global warming on global civilizations during the Medieval Warm Period, as documented in Brian Fagan's "The Great Warming." Using this information and ...

Mapping Building Stone part of Teaching Urban Students:Examples
Students examine "outcrops" of stone in the exterior of buildings in order to gain initial experience in making field descriptions of rocks, as well as in using field notes and photos to correlate ...

Geology in Family Photos part of Teaching Urban Students:Examples
This course-bracketing activity was inspired by an idea presented by Matthew d'Alessio at the Cutting Edge Urban Students and Urban Issues workshop. By presenting their perceptions of geology expressed within ...

Teaching Urban Students part of Teaching Urban Students
Developed by Wayne Powell, Department of Geology, Brooklyn College, City University of New York Geoscience faculty who teach in large cities encounter a unique set of challenges and opportunities. According to the ...

Examples part of Teaching Urban Students
Mineral Properties and Paint Mineral properties are placed in context of a creative cultural application of minerals. Students have choice in selecting a culture to study in context of painting, so that students ...

Who are Urban Students? part of Teaching Urban Students
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity America's two largest cities, New York City and Los Angeles, highlight the diversity of urban populations relative to the nation as a whole. Inner-city schools and colleges ...

Why Teach Urban Students Differently? part of Teaching Urban Students
A Distinct Urban Context Students must construct their own meaning from lessons by connecting new information and concepts to what they already believe or have experienced (AAAS, 1990). Integration of real-world ...

References part of Teaching Urban Students
AAAS, 1990, Science for All Americans, Project 2061. (more info) Oxford University Press, 272 p. Abolins, M., 2004, A Student-Centered Regional Planning Group Activity for Non-Science Majors. Journal of Geoscience ...

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