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ConcepTest: Eccentricity and Seasons part of ConcepTests:Examples
Mars has a more eccentric orbit of the Sun than Earth. Mars is 20% closer to the Sun during winter in its Northern hemisphere than it is during its summer. What would be the implications for the seasons on Earth if ...

ConcepTest: Plate Tectonic Theory part of ConcepTests:Examples
Which of the following statements is not consistent with plate tectonic theory? a. Continental crust is generally older than oceanic crust. b. The number of plates has changed through time. c. Mountain chains are ...

ConcepTest: Characteristics of the Ocean Floor part of ConcepTests:Examples
What is the relationship between age and the character of the ocean floor? Which statement is TRUE? a. Deeper regions of the ocean floor tend to be younger b. The Pacific is larger than the Atlantic because it ...

ConcepTest: Location of Deep Earthquakes part of ConcepTests:Examples
Where will deep earthquakes occur most frequently in the plate tectonic setting shown below?

ConcepTest: Sun Spot Activity part of ConcepTests:Examples
Sun spots, flares and other emissions from the Sun's surface can have a negative impact on electrical systems on Earth. What would be the implications for this type of solar activity if the Sun did not ...

ConcepTest: Jovian Planet Characteristics part of ConcepTests:Examples
The characteristics of four planets are listed below. Which planet is most likely to be classified as Jovian? a. Mainly rocky, volcanism, low gravity. b. Mainly rocky, no volcanism, high gravity. c. Mainly gaseous, ...

ConcepTest: Pencil Break part of ConcepTests:Examples
A pencil will bend if you push down on both ends and push up in the middle. If you push hard enough the pencil will break. Breaking the pencil is an example of ___________ behavior. a) elastic b) brittle c) ductile ...

ConcepTest: Wax Reshaping part of ConcepTests:Examples
Imagine that you find a wax candle on a table in a warm room. The candle bends when you push down on both ends and push up in the middle. When you put the candle back on the table it maintains the bent shape. This ...

ConcepTest: Divergent Boundary Sketch part of ConcepTests:Examples
The figure below was drawn by a student to show the relationship between earthquake epicenters (filled circles) and a divergent plate boundary (red line). The figure represents a boundary between two oceanic ...

ConcepTest: Fault Scarp part of ConcepTests:Examples
Examine the image below that shows the flank of the Grand Teton mountain range of northwestern Wyoming. Which location represents a fault scarp in the picture? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

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